How to Select the Right Magnifying Glass 10x

Having some problems seeing tiny items and small print?lens edger Have you consider using a magnifying glass 10x to help you with your job? A magnifying glass is a visual aid that helps to enlarge small objects or prints so that you can see them better. It can come with a single lens or a few lenses combining together. Since 1250, the year when magnifier was invented, these visual aid devices are being used in many fields and the usage are still widening. Jewelers use them to observe jewelries and precious stones, investigators use them to find clues to solve crimes, archeologists use them to observe artifacts and monuments, stamp collectors use them to admire unique stamps, and the list can go on and on. They are widely used in jobs and hobbies, and also help people who suffer from poor eyesight to read better and see well.

When we look through the magnifying lens, the object that we are focusing on appears bigger, but how many times bigger is comfortable? When the object in focus appears to be 10 times bigger than its original size, you are using a magnifying glass 10x, which is to say a ten times magnification. When we to focus on an object with a 10x magnifying glass, how far is the distance between the object and the magnifier is considered appropriate? This distance is referred to as the ‘focal length’. The focal length depends mainly on the optical power of your lens, that is, as the power of the magnification increases, the focal length decreases. And that is why you see those jewelers holding their diamond so close to their 10x loupe.

After making up your mind to go for a magnifying glass with 10x magnification, you have to decide what type of material you would want your lens to be made of. There are basically two types; the first type which is more commonly used is made from glass and the second type is made from a kind of plastic called acrylic. By allowing more light to pass through its lens, glass magnifier gives a clearer vision than plastic lens, but it is heavier to as compared to acrylic lens. It is possible to get your glass lens scratched and it may break when hit. Acrylic lens on the other hand is not easily broken and scratch resistance, so it can last longer.